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120V AC

Brand: MinoSaver Model: #5
110Volt, 1.4 Amp- 1,550 rpm, 1/20 HP fan cooled thermal protected continuous motor. Sturdy shockproof motor mount with brass shaft. 4-7/16" x 9-1/2" epoxy coated basket. Made with galvanized hardware mesh. Hard rubber aerating chamber. For up to 250 gal tanks. Wt.: 9lbs.This is a new motor with ..
Brand: MinoSaver Model: #5A
1550 R.P.M., 1/20 HP Fan cooled thermal protected continuous motor. Hard rubber aerating chamber. The pump delivers approximately 250 gallons per hour at 1 foot rise. The pump can be easily changed to another #5 agitator, when the old agitator is worn out. Ideal for water circulation, filtering, etc..
Brand: MinoSaver Model: #6A
#6A - Enclosed fan cooled, thermal protected continuous duty motor. 4” x 9” epoxy coated basket. Hard rubber aerating chamber. Great for troughs and storage tanks. Remarkably smooth and quiet in operation. This Aerator has a smaller width than the #5. For 250 gal. tanks. Wt.: 8 lbs. Oil every 6 mont..
Brand: MinoSaver Model: #8A
The #8A has the same design as the classical #8, but features a 110V motor.  Agitator/Aerator.  This agitator is meant to run sporadically, not continuously.  It has to do about 50% more work than other agitator designs with the #8 stem. Do Not Buy this agitator if you want to run it ..
Brand: MinoSaver Model: MSBigBull
1/3 King Big Bull  - Back in Stock! 110 Volt, Heavy Duty, 1750 R.P.M., 1/3HP Fan cooled continuous duty ball bearing motor. Special sturdy assembly, assures extra long life for the unit. Durable heavy duty lower rubber bearing. An exceptionally good unit for ponds and 9,000 gal. tanks wher..
110-volt Replacement Motor 110-volt Replacement Motor
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Brand: MinoSaver Model: MS-110VMotor
This is a replacement Motor designed for the Minnow-Saver #5, 5A, 6A, 8V, 110-volt Unit Agitator/Aerator. This is a brand new motor based on the classic design. 1/20 HP like its predecessor. It is designed for a very long life. Shade Pole with oil reserve and cap.  Thermal protection. 1.3 Amps ..
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